Amp Up Your Health For Pregnancy

Bio: Susy Richards is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site Read more about her below.


It is ironic that when some couples decide to have a baby, they find it difficult to conceive. If you are planning to have a baby in the future, make sure that the birth control that you are using now is a non-hormonal option so that when you stop using it, you will not have difficulty ovulating.

Make sure that you are eating foods from the different food groups to stay healthy. Healthy women have higher chances of conceiving compared to unhealthy ones. A woman in excellent health is more likely to have a healthy baby too, if she gets pregnant.

How to Boost Fertility

Various studies have found that there are many ways of increasing a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.  

  • Red beans, mongo beans, lentils, and nuts contain plant proteins and are recommended for women who want to get pregnant easily. These are good sources of plant protein, which has been known to increase fertility. 
  • Whole Milk Products. These include yogurt, milk powder, fresh milk, and ice cream with whole milk. Whole milk can be mixed on fruit salads and other dishes. Women who drink whole milk or consume products with it are known to have higher chances of getting pregnant than those who do not consume it.
  • Banana is rich in Vitamin B6, which regulates the hormones in the body. This vitamin is known to increase a woman’s chances to conceive.
  • This food is rich in folic acid. Folic acid is important in ensuring a woman’s pregnancy. Women who want to get pregnant or who are pregnant already are advised to take folic acid supplements.
  • This food is rich in Vitamin B12, a nutrient that regulates the level of estrogen. A deficient level of estrogen can lead to failed implantation of an egg that has been fertilized. This results to no pregnancy at all. Pregnant women are advised to eat shellfish to make sure that the endometrial lining is strong enough to avoid miscarriage.
  • Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, which is found to help a woman conceive. Findings of one study revealed that most women who failed to conceive have low levels of Vitamin D.
  • Fruit is rich in Vitamin C, a nutrient that improves balance of hormone among women, which help them conceive easily.
  • This food is rich in iron, a nutrient that contributes to a woman’s fertility. Women who lack iron may have unhealthy egg or may not ovulate at all, resulting in difficulty in getting pregnant.

Including in your diet foods that boost fertility is one way of ensuring that you get pregnant right away.


How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Amp Up Your Health For Pregnancy

  • Eat the right kind of foods. Go for vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of milk. Exercise is also important. Avoid soda, coffee, and sweets. Do not drink alcoholic drinks. If you smoke, you ought to stop smoking because this can put you and your baby at risk.
  • Visit your doctor for prenatal check-ups as soon as you are sure that you are pregnant. Follow the doctor’s instructions. Don’t miss a prenatal schedule.
  • Take vitamins that your doctor prescribes. Remember that you need all the nourishments for you and the baby inside your womb. Vitamins will help you get all the nutrients that you and your child need. However, avoid taking supplements without consulting your physician.
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep. During the first few weeks of your pregnancy, you might experience becoming easily tired. This means that you have to slow down a little. Take naps and sleep well. Avoid stressful thoughts.
  • Stay away from illegal drugs. Taking drugs while pregnant will have adverse effects on the child’s physical and mental health.
  • See a doctor when you experience a sinus infection during pregnancy. If you have been taking medication for this, ask your doctor first before taking some. He might prescribe something that is not harmful to the baby inside your womb.

By following these reminders, you will be able to have a safe pregnancy. Always take note of what is allowed and what is not allowed for you so that you will have a healthy baby.


Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other mommies around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site


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