Are you ready for a crawling baby?

Sure, time flies when you're handling an infant -- the smiles and babbling will keep everyone happy for days.  Everything feels like a dreamy blur.  But that moment you realize the infant is no longer an infant, that their independence is starting to soar beyond your control, the day comes.  And they're off to a strong start to lug around their delicate little bodies across the floor.  

Then they're in the dining room, then they're in a bedroom, and then they finally make their way into the kitchen. The kitchen seems to be the place that alarms a lot of people the first time their babies crawl around, doesn't it? I strongly believe that it's usually their obvious attraction to opening kitchen cabinets and drawers that starts a search for the best baby-proofing products out there. And usually, people come across our easy-to-install magnetic cabinet locks or the spring action cabinet locks. But the question really comes to this: Are you prepared for what's to come?


the start of baby-proofing your home


The answer to that question is a full, rounded, and shiny YES (or I sure hope you were thinking that)!  The good news is that there are a few small steps you can start taking to begin the baby-proofing process. Like I mentioned before, child locks on drawers (especially in the kitchen) are a MUST. Get your spouse (whoever is better with home projects) to install these first, and don't forget to use sliding cabinet locks on the side-by-side cabinets that hold your toxic household cleaners.  These are a godsend product that will protect your babies!

Secondly, and since we've already spoken about drawer baby-proofing, another place to pay attention to are the larger furniture pieces that have those drawers. I'm talking dressers and TV stands people. Haven't you seen those horrific videos of toddlers opening those drawers up and trying to crawl into them, only to have the whole dresser fall on top of them and leave them hurt and crying for help? That's one big shuddering nightmare I wouldn't want to have happening in my home. Check out our best-selling TV/furniture anti-tip straps that have the heavy duty capability to anchor down even 70" TVs from falling over. 



People don't usually think too much about this, but electrical outlet covers may come in handy for those curious fingers that make their way to try to pry open an outlet for some reason. It may not be such a deep issue, but it can be if their hands have been playing with water or juice before they start crawling over to the nearest outlet. My imagination carries me far out there, of course, and we started off using those plugs that cover up the entire outlet, disallowing us from ever using them again. This became counterproductive since we live at our home and need to plug things in to render them useful (ha!). So we came up with our own version of electrical outlet covers that automatically close up when they're not in use. We haven't looked back ever since.

The last important "small" step to take for baby-proofing your home should be to install baby gates that prevent babies from going up or (falling) downstairs or gliding their way out of a safe area of the home. There are many choices out there, but my favorite has to be the gate that self-closes.  From my own experience, there have been many instances when I come home with groceries toppling over my body and the gate would just be open as I am busy making my way into the kitchen to put everything away. I don't know why, but my baby is somehow always making their way out of a gate as I come in from somewhere. Perfect timing too at that. Once I bought myself a self-closing gate, the rest is history and all was well in the world (until I found myself busy baby-proofing another part of my home). 

Well, there you have it! My full yet simple guide on the small things you can do to save yourself from the insanity your baby's first crawls and steps can give you. If you're a first-time mom who needs any advice, feel free to reach out and I'll try to respond back with some helpful tips! 

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