Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby. Now it’s time to get the nursery ready, and maybe you don’t know where to begin. Take a look at these DIY projects to help you get the nursery ready for baby.

You may be excited, but also you’re noticing that the costs are mounting! Putting together a nursery can be an expensive business. While you don’t want to skimp or cut corners on safe and new equipment for the baby, you can save a few dollars with some easy DIY projects to the nursery itself.  These projects will also give you the opportunity to give your baby a very customized room. Here are a few things you can DIY.





Don’t settle for bland walls for your new baby! Babies are stimulated by and attracted to colors. If you know the gender of your baby and want to choose a color that you feel is gender-appropriate, go for it!  If you’re unsure of gender, choose gender neutral shades of green, yellow, or aqua.

To give your baby an extra special room, select one wall of the nursery and paint a chevron striped focal wall.

What? Sounds too hard?

You just need paint, a roller, a ruler, and blue painters tape. Paint the entire room the main color that you chose for the room, including the feature wall.  After the paint has dried (I suggest waiting an entire day), use 4” painters tape to tape off a chevron stripe pattern. Use the ruler to make the space between the stripes even.  After you’ve taped off the entire wall, roll the wall with paint in a contrasting color. Let the paint dry for several hours or overnight, and pull off the tape. You will have a gorgeous pattern that your baby will enjoy.



A rocking chair is an important part of the nursery. You will spend hours of time bonding with your baby during feeding and cuddling time.

Fortunately, you can save a little money on furnishings by picking up a vintage rocking chair at a thrift shop or accept a hand-down of one from another mom.  In fact, a rocking chair is one of those items that is frequently passed down from family members.

If you’ve been given one of these handed down rocking chairs, it may not be so pretty. That’s ok! You can restore a used rocking chair with a fresh coat of paint.

Refinishing a rocking chair only takes about 4 hours. Sand down the old finish and remove any debris from sanding by blowing it with an air compressor. Prime the rocking chair with a stain blocking primer. Once it dries, apply two coats of a fun, trendy chalk paint. After the paint dries, apply clear furniture wax to protect it.

Add a couple of colorful accent pillows for contrast and you’ll have a perfect place for all those snuggles.



Instead of purchasing curtains, you can give your baby colorful, custom window treatments by making them yourself. You won’t have quick trip to the fabric store will show you hundreds of print and color options.  Custom window treatments will give the nursery a very high-end, polished look.

Making your own curtains costs you about the same amount of money as purchasing a set. If you know how to sew, you know just how simple curtains are to make yourself. Dust off your sewing machine and get to it!

If you can’t sew, you can create no-sew curtains. Instead of me telling you how to do this, I have included a great tutorial video.

When you combine some creative thinking and planning with a little bit of time, you can create a customized nursery for your baby. The look will be unique. The nursery will be the envy of all the other mothers. And most of all, you will take pride in the cozy space that you created for your baby.



Deborah Tayloe is a freelance writer and contributor to Home Tip Top. She is an avid DIY enthusiast. She and her husband are restoring their mid-century home one room at a time. 

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